Democratising cryptocurrency investment via in-game audio ads

2,000%+ relative average CTR increase

Best performing inventory
8,400%+ relative CTR increase
6.72% CTR, post-optimisation.

Having built an innovative platform that makes cryptocurrency more accessible, Coinfloor needed a way to reach large numbers of financially-minded consumers.

AudioMob’s audio ads for games and apps provided the perfect tool to directly engage that audience.

Cryptocurrency famously offers the potential to make tremendous returns.Yet, to the financially curious or casual investor, it's a world that can seem complex, counterintuitive and risky.


With that in mind Coinfloor built a new platform that lets anyone with money to invest automatically buy Bitcoin on the UK's longest-running exchange for the cryptocurrency. Coinfloor keeps things remarkably simple and safe, powerfully democratising cryptocurrency investment.



  • UK wide
Age group
  • 50 year+
  • Finance
  • Investment

Keen to engage with prospective users that are pensioners - or soon to be one - Coinfloor turned to AudioMob’s audio ads for games and apps.


Coinfloor opted to use our unique Audio Enhanced Banners to engage its target audience. The Audio Enhanced Banners serve an audio ad to a game or app user, without asking them to stop playing or interacting. A small visual element such as a banner accompanies the audio ad.


It’s a powerful combination, letting brands directly address their ideal demographics with an audio message that can also encourage listeners to click on the visual banner.


1.63% Average click-through rate
2037.5% Click-through rate increaseRelative to the average CTR of a traditional non-audio banner (0.08%)
Best performing inventory
8400% Click-through rate increase Relative to the average CTR of a traditional non-audio banner (0.08%)
6.72% Click-through rate

The CTR increases Coinfloor saw in using AudioMob over traditional approaches speak for themselves, highlighting the fact that audio ads served in games and apps can reach and engage highly distinct audiences - including financially-minded users interested in investment.

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