glycanage x AudioMob

BioTech outfit GlycanAge wanted to expand its reach. In-game audio ads provided the answer.

1300%+ relative average CTR increase

$0.21 Cost-per-click 

GlycanAge provides a precise test of biological age and wellness that provides context for improving health and wellbeing. 

Recognising that today the video game audience is vast, diverse and highly engaged, the BioTech firm turned to AudioMob as a means to harness that potential.

There remains a misconception about exactly which demographics play video games, and the brands they connect with.People might imagine a youthful crowd focused on entertainment, fashion and popular culture.


That audience absolutely exists. But at a time when 2.7 billion people globally play video games, tremendous demographic diversity is available to brands that chose to advertise in video games. People from myriad backgrounds, regions, age groups and more play games. There is likely and audience within those 2.7 billion people for every brand on Earth.



  • United States
Age group
  • 30 years+

With that in mind, GlycanAge chose AudioMob’s Audio Enhanced Banners as it looked to engage more people with its innovative bioTech offering. Previously, the company had considered in-game advertising, but found video too expensive, while banner ads lacked impact.


The Audio Enhanced Banners, meanwhile, gave GlycanAge an opportunity to speak directly to a targeted audience, without preventing them from playing a given game. The campaign not only targeted general health conscious users, but also professionals at health clinics, with a view to elevating GlycanAge’s B2B strategy.


1312.5% Click-through rate increaseRelative to the average CTR of a traditional non-audio banner (0.08%)
$0.21 Cost-per-click
1.05% Click-through rate

The ad’s spoken element encouraged a banner click,
and the CTR results speak for themselves.

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