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Sugarhill Gang are one of the most important, influential hip hop groups of all time. 40 years on since their formation, they are still bringing new music to new audiences.

Yet it turns out that even icons of popular culture need help cutting through today’s noise to expand their audience.

Sugarhill Gang’s 1979 single Rapper’s Delight isn’t just one of the most important hip hop records of all time. It’s a giant of mainstream popular culture.

In fact, the single is so significant it was preserved by the US Library of Congress for being ‘culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant’.

Four decades on, Sugarhill Gang are still producing remarkable music. And in their quest to continue to increase their reach and influence, they turned to AudioMob’s unique ad format, which places non-interrupting audio ads in games.



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In promoting their January 2021 single ‘La La Song’ the group opted to use our Audio Enhanced Banners, which combine an audio ad with a small on-screen visual element. The ads, which can be precisely targeted at specific demographics or regions, are served to players within games - without preventing them from continuing to play.


That allowed Sugarhill Gang to deliver their infectious party sound straight to users’ ears, while addressing them directly to suggest they click on the banner element to visit a destination page to stream the new single.


2.13% Average click-through rate
2,662.5% Click-through rate increaseRelative to the average CTR of a traditional non-audio banner (0.08%)
Best performing inventory
6,712.5% Click-through rate increase Relative to the average CTR of a traditional non-audio banner (0.08%)
5.37% Click-through rate

Empowering musicians, artists and celebrities to address their users in such a direct way creates a sense of a personal connection. It’s incredibly powerful as a means to establish meaningful engagements.

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