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Audiomob’s industry-leading audio ad platform allows brands to reach their audiences in a truly non-disruptive way. Game developers can also monetize their content, while players can play on without interruption.

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of US mobile gamers prefer rewarded ads over interstitial ads.
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Instant rewards,
instant revenue.

When audio ads are triggered, players receive in-game rewards for listening all the way through.

Unlike video ads, our rewarded audio ad format is non-intrusive — meaning that the audio ad simply plays in the background.

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Socialpoint | T2
reached players with Rewarded ads.

Your game.
Your rewards.
Your way.

Our user-initiated solution lets audiences tap to engage the audio banner. Players can choose when to play an audio ad at any point.

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Want to listen to an audio ad at your chosen time? Players can play on, level up, activate an audio ad and keep playing without interruption.

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Look at how
KitKat used User Initiated ads to reach wider audiences.

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While including all of the same features as our rewarded ads, players can skip ads after five seconds. Players are shown a countdown, followed by the skip button. Press the skip button, and the ad will stop playing.

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Default or Custom?

Your choice.

Skippable ads can be used alongside rewarded ads to increase additional advertising opportunities.

Developers have the choice to use our default UI or a native UI that matches their game aesthetic.

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Watch how
ByAlien created a custom UI for skippable ads.

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