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Join former Google, Facebook and Apple employees on a journey to help developers monetise their games through non-interrupting audio ads


Private Healthcare
We provide all employees with private Health and Dental care
Pension Contributions
Planning for retirement is important and we provide pension contributions
Gym Subsidy
Stay fit and healthy with our monthly gym subsidy
Lunch Card
Enjoy lunch on the company with your daily lunch card
Mental Health Service
Receive remote Mental Health sessions whenever you are in world
Development Allowance
Enjoy a personal development allowance, which you can spend on any skill you wish to develop
Volunteer Days
We all have causes and charities we are passionate about, so we allow up to 5 volunteer days a year
Financial Planning
Enjoy financial planning sessions allowing you to up-skill on your financial literacy
Birthdays Off
Take a well deserved rest, take your Birthday off and have a voucher on us


Office building - London


  • Dog Friendly
  • Mother's Room
  • Wellness Room
  • Event Space
  • Barista
Office building - Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

  • Located in Yas Island
  • Private Office
  • Housing Options Nearby
  • Employee Car Parking
  • Complementary Flight Home

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