Mentoring Programme

Thankfully we live in a time where there are more opportunities to help you achieve your goals than ever before! However, there are many seen and unseen obstacles which can prevent you from achieving your goals, especially if you belong to a minority group.

In light of recent events and as a company with black founders, which only accounts for 1% of venture-funded startups, it’s easy to internalise our negative experiences in a way that inhibits us from success. We want to help you use your experiences and channel them into more positive and productive uses to help you reach your goals.

For this reason, the founders of AudioMob are starting a mentoring programme for black students. While this mentoring programme is targeted at black students, we would never refuse to help anyone from any background.


Christian Facey

Christian Facey


Christian is a former Facebook Science Partner and Google Agency Strategist. His time with Google saw him manage a portfolio worth up to $100 million in value. His passion for both games and audio led him to co-found AudioMob, and in 2020 he joined the audio advisory committee to further explore the potential of combining the two. Away from work Christian is a hip-hop and jazz producer, breakdancer and mobile game developer.

Christian's Mentoring Topics

  • Study techniques
  • Interview methods
  • Securing work experience without work experience
  • Working at your first start up
  • Working at Google and Facebook
  • Figure out how your mind works: learning information, internalising it and using it
  • Reality checking: Measuring where you are right now, and comparing to your future self
  • How to hustle in today’s environment despite disadvantages
  • How to do everything noted above, with the additional context of being black


Wilfrid Obeng

Wilfrid Obeng


Having served roles at Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and Bloomberg, Wilfrid also stood as Google Programmatic Account Strategist, seeing him provide Amazon, Intercontinental and Hilton with technical consulting on programmatic advertising campaigns. A talented coder and software engineer, Wilfrid has been honoured with a number of awards, including a Rare Rising Stars accolade. In his spare time he enjoys public speaking, travelling and hip-hop.

Wilfrid's Mentoring Topics

  • The importance of networking
  • Improving your soft skills e.g. presentation
  • Mastering interview techniques
  • Passing coding interviews
  • Securing your first internship
  • Working at JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Google
  • Understanding performance reviews
  • Effective ways to advocate for Diversity & Inclusion change
  • Founding a startup
  • Securing VC investment
  • Building inclusive products
  • Managing an engineering team

Mentoring Structure

  • Mentee books session after applying
  • 1 x 30-45 minute session per week
  • 1 month duration
  • Webinars for larger student groups


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