Europe is filled to the brim with talented entrepreneurs and startups who are looking to make a difference and drive change in their industries, something Google For Startups encourages and supports through their Immersion: Black Founders programme. AudioMob’s CEO Christian Facey and CTO Wilfrid Obeng have been selected along with 21 other founders for this year’s cohort of “high-potential” startup companies. Being selected for the programme means that Google has recognised AudioMob for what it is: a trailblazer that has created the rewarded audio ad format for audio advertising in mobile games. Audio ads in games enable monetisation without interrupting gameplay - an impressive world first that is gaining traction by the hour. 


Why is it important?

AudioMob is one of only 12 startups from the UK, France and The Netherlands to make the Black Founders Immersion list. It features alongside other impressive startups shaking up a range of industries and solving real-world problems; from harnessing production data to reduce CO2 emissions to creating virtual healthcare experiences, all with the goal of building better, more inclusive technologies. 


As a company with black founders, AudioMob represents only 1% of venture-funded startups. In fact, 37% of companies on the FTSE 100 have no non-white board members according to The Parker Review. Research has found that black founders consistently lack access to VCs and accelerator programs, which puts them at a considerable disadvantage when it comes to raising funding and gaining the skills needed to scale their companies. As a result, Google For Startups launched this programme in the hopes to address these gaps.


What is the Black Founders Immersion programme?

The Black Founders Immersion is a 12-week programme designed to give guided support to startups along their journey and connect them with a wider network of consumers and investors. This year in a virtual format, the Black Founders Immersion programme will give AudioMob access to experienced Google mentors, specialists and investors, as well as a strong, collaborative group of founders who can contribute real time peer-to-peer learning and support. During the 12-week programme founders can take part in 1:1 sessions, workshops, events and demo days where they will be able to tap into the minds of industry experts and get guidance on growth strategies, product development, marketing and much more. This means further opportunities to grow as a business, overcome challenges and to continue pushing traditional boundaries to shape the gaming and AdTech industry.