Play without limits. Growth without barriers. Audiomob was founded on one defining principle: to transform the advertising ecosystem through the power of audio. 

Since starting our journey, we’ve helped advertisers and developers better monetize ads, and users to play the games and apps they love without fear of disruption. Now, at the ripe old age of three, Auddiomob is a multi-award-winning company valued at $110 million and with over $16 million in annual revenue. 

While there is still much ahead on our journey, we wouldn't have come this far, nor could we go any further, without our superstar colleagues. They embody our daring values, principles, and dedication to upsetting the industry status quo. 

We created this article to put our beliefs, principles, and company culture front and center for the world to see, so you can get to know Audiomob just a little better and future colleagues know where we stand.

Our core values

We believe in people. We believe that people can be their best selves when they have the support they need, we believe that people can innovate when they have the freedom to, and we believe that people care for each other in environments that support them.

As a company founded by two BAME entrepreneurs in an industry sorely devoid of representation and adequate support, we’ve sought to promote these key principles to dare our colleagues to go above and beyond what the industry expects from them.

Dare to innovate

Creativity is at the heart of what we do and we use that creativity to empower us to tackle the toughest challenges in our industry. We operate at the forefront of an emerging industry, providing fertile ground for innovative thinking and disruptive ideas across our business. 

  • Out-of-the-box thinking: the kind that doesn't just look at what’s been done already but ponders what hasn’t been done before (like our patented Audibility technology). We encourage everyone to put their ideas forward, no matter how big or small.

  • Dynamic collaboration: as the saying goes, “It takes a village”. Ideas and goals are no different, they take the effort of multiple teams working together to understand and empathize with each other.

Dare to care

If Audiomob is a kitchen then our brigade is built from chefs from all over the world with each adding a different flavor to the pot. This is why we greatly value inclusion and diversity: we believe that diversity breeds innovation so we can tackle the hardest issues by bringing together the best and most skilled people, independent of their backgrounds. 

Dare to lead

"Leadership is the capacity to translate a vision into reality" – Warren Bennis. 

Part of working in an emerging and fast-moving industry is that you’ll have to make tough decisions at critical moments. Staying focused and solutions-oriented under pressure, combined with a willingness to take the reins when needed are qualities we look for.

  • Owner’s mindset: whether it's closing a deal or meeting a deliverable, staying proactive is key to thriving at Audiomob. Instead of waiting indefinitely for a lead to respond, formulate an effective strategy and reach out to them first.

  • Share the load: ask for help when you need it and be able to internalize and recognize potential gaps in your knowledge. We value collaboration and communication, not siloed ways of working. Learning from failure is the fastest way to grow so always be willing to accept feedback and share knowledge.

We’re always learning. Always growing

These traits are not the only ones we look for, they are examples of what we look for when building a thriving work environment. We’re always open to receiving productive feedback from our colleagues, this helps us to learn, grow, and adapt, keeping us ahead of the curve and first to the buzzer.

Yas Island – working at the edge of cutting-edge tech

We have offices in London and New York, with our main headquarters located in Abu Dhabi, on Yas Island, the world's fastest-growing media hub. By Placing our HQ here we stand at the forefront of cutting-edge technology within the industry, giving our engineering and machine learning teams the tools they need to continue innovating.

We look for the best talent globally, and for those who choose to relocate, we offer a comprehensive relocation package to support their move to our main HQ in Abu Dhabi.

“I’m grateful to the HR team for doing a great job in explaining the process involved in moving and going over and above to ensure that I’d be comfortable and settled in well once I moved. Without their help, this experience would have been significantly more daunting.” – Banwo Idowu, Team Lead, Web Pod.

Supporting mental health and wellbeing

While we always do our best to create a supportive work environment, we understand that life is complicated. To better support you both in and out of work we’ve teamed up with Spill, the online mental health support network providing easier access to therapy.


If Audiomob sounds like the right place for the next step in your career, check out our open vacancies for our London, New York, and Abu Dhabi offices.