As the saying goes ’time flies when you're having fun!’ It’s been almost two years since we made Abu Dhabi the official location of our Audiomob HQ and one year since we moved to AD Gaming and twoFour54’s cutting-edge creative hub located on Yas Island. 

The MENA region is fast on its way to becoming the world's leading gaming and entertainment sector, thanks to government-run initiatives, such as AD Gaming. In fact, by 2027 revenue from gaming is expected to reach 6 billion US dollars in MENA, with mobile gaming making up more than half of the total market share.

Partnering with AD Gaming

AD Gaming, as the largest government-run entertainment initiative in MENA, provides dedicated support for game developers, players, and businesses across the region. Backed by Unity Technologies and Flash Entertainment, AD Gaming has launched several ambitious projects to attract and grow new talent.

One such project is twofour54’s dedicated media space, the Yas Creative Hub, located on Yas Island. This space, the first of its kind in MENA, is a state-of-the-art facility purpose-built to cater to publishers, developers, talent, and businesses in gaming. Able to house 10,000 industry professionals the Yas Creative Hub is set to be the focal point for all things entertainment,

Working with AD Gaming and twofour54 to move our central operations to Yas Island places Audiomob at the forefront of emerging talent and cutting-edge technologies. Since moving to the Yas Creative hub we have been able to recruit more talent, allowing us to build a team of dedicated engineers and AI specialists to drive our innovations forward.

“We are delighted to welcome Audiomob into the region’s leading gaming hub. Their growth has been truly outstanding, and we hope that with AD Gaming’s support, we can accelerate their success further in Abu Dhabi and the wider region. Bringing Abu Dhabi’s gaming sector under one initiative, AD Gaming ensures that the emirate is at the forefront of the global gaming industry, providing gaming firms in Abu Dhabi with the tools, support, and business environment they need to thrive. Combined with our support and their sought-after ad services and innovative solutions - the future looks very promising indeed for Audiomob.” - James Hart, Director of Gaming and Digital Development at AD Games. 

Building the Audiomob Creative Lab

Utilizing the Yas Creative Lab to the fullest has also enabled us to build our ‘Audiomob Creative Lab’. Our creative lab is a free service that allows us to offer better support to our partners, helping them to integrate our audio ad solution and create bespoke advertisements. The creative lab also serves as the foundation for our innovations in AI technologies, including AI voiceovers and text-to-speech, which lowers the bar for entry for advertisers by decreasing production costs.

“AD Gaming and twofour54’s support has been immeasurable giving us the tools we need to grow our business at pace. Being able to operate in a region that is spearheading a lot of transformations in the gaming and ad space, helps us to stay ahead of the curve. Many of the upcoming innovations you're going to see coming out of the mobile gaming space you’ll see first in MENA, and we’re proud to be a part of this. Our new state-of-the-art Audiomob Creative Lab that's driving our AI innovations was only made possible through collaborating with AD Gaming, so we’re really looking forward to seeing what else we can achieve working together.” - Wilfrid Obeng, CTO & Co-Founder of Audiomob.