In such a short time, AI has already become the zeitgeist of our era. There isn't an industry that hasn't in some way felt the impact of AI machine learning, and the adtech industry is no exception.

Adtech as an industry is comparatively young and digital audio is even younger still, however, this is exactly what makes these industries stand to benefit the most from such a titanic technological shift. At Audiomob, our Research and Development team is already integrating AI technology into our operations and is developing new ones.

But what does that mean for our partners and their users? Join us as we delve into how our ways of operating are evolving and what that means for you.

Our Research and Development team

Our Research and Development team is integral to developing our business and maintaining our status as industry leaders. Leading our R&D team is Bruce Xiangnan REN. Bruce, with a PhD in computer science, has utilized his extensive expertise in AI, machine learning, and data mining across a diverse range of industries, including energy, advertising, and sports (UFC and Tour de France). 

Having overseen successful implementations of projects across numerous industries Bruce now spearheads our cutting-edge research into AI machine learning and scalable data processing.

How we use AI and Machine Learning

Investing in machine learning has allowed us to provide more relevant in-game audio ads without sacrificing the user's privacy data. We've developed machine-learning algorithms that assess contextual data based on user-consented information, including established user preferences, current time, and local weather conditions.

With this information, we can provide users with not just ads relevant to their interests but also ads that are more personalized and dynamically change to match the listener's environment (e.g., an ad for sportswear on the same day as a major sports event). 

Our AI also analyzes how listeners interact with audio ads, giving us a deeper understanding of listener behavioral patterns. With this, we can find the best times to trigger an ad for the user and build more accurate predictions on the types of ads listeners find relevant.

Leveraging this lets us analyze over 1k data points per ad request, in real-time, to find the most relevant ads possible for even the most complex user profiles.

AI voiceovers & text-to-speech

While AI voiceovers aren't exactly a new or novel concept they’re playing bigger and bigger roles in the day-to-day lives of consumers. A recent study by Tech Jury found that 97% of mobile users utilize AI-powered voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant. 

Other apps are also capitalizing on the increased use and acceptance of AI-powered voice assistants with Spotify’s AI DJ, utilizing an impressively realistic AI voice to act as the listener's personal DJ. AI voiceovers present a creative way for brands to connect dynamically with users, in ways that would otherwise not be feasible.

We’re investing heavily in developing dynamic AI voiceovers and text-to-speech to help level the bar of entry for advertisers. All advertisers we partner with, regardless of their size or budgets, can make high-performing bespoke audio AI creatives for free as part of our dedicated Audiomob Creative Lab. This allows the creation of fully customizable context-aware content, enabling advertisers to find the tone, cadence, and inflection that best matches their target audience.

What's next for Audiomob AI?

We are dedicated to becoming the number one audio discovery company in the world and see AI playing a pivotal role in that journey. We’ll be announcing numerous AI-powered innovations over 2024, which we believe will uplift the industry and ultimately create a better ad ecosystem for everyone.

In Q1 of 2024, we’ll be launching AI-powered support for advertisers to help them better tailor global campaigns that target listeners in multiple languages. We’ll be releasing more information about this in the lead-up to its release.

We strive to remain transparent and to ensure that the AI and technology we develop are used ethically across the business and beyond. Stay tuned for more news and announcements on how AI is reshaping our operations.