Business Development is a lifeline in any business, in the digital audio industry it’s a role that masters communication and structured thinking, using them to identify and solve problems that affect partners, advertisers, and users alike. 

To gain a better understanding of our Business Developer operations, including the wider team and how we navigate deeper challenges within the industry, we connected with Brigid Judge, our lead Business Developer in the US. 

What is a Business Developer?

The goal of a Business Developer is to both increase awareness of the Audiomob brand and our audio services while supporting our partners with their ad campaigns. Our Business Developers also act as a dedicated resource that educates our partners and work to maintain a presence in the wider industry by regularly attending events and conferences. 

“Ultimately we help diversify revenue streams to app developers while showing advertisers new and innovative ways to reach a new audience at scale. The revenue stream we’re offering is incremental, meaning that partners can add our audio services to their existing revenue streams. It’s still a growing medium so being able to educate partners is a major factor too.” Brigid stated.

Meet Brigid and the team

With a strong background in audio having worked in podcast measurement before moving to Spotify in brand partnerships at Spotify, Brigid heads up our office in New York. 

Completing Brigid's dynamic two-person team is Shaun Bartholomew, our Customer Success Manager. 

On working in such a tight-knit team Brigid said, “We’re a small but mighty team here in New York! Shaun was our first client success hire in the US, and we’re continuing to carve out our own subculture within the larger company. Fortunately, we’re receiving a lot of support from our Sales teams in the UK and Abu Dhabi. They’ve helped us build out a solid process so that our team can thrive with all of the proper resources needed to run forward.” 

Business Development in Action

The digital audio ad industry is still an emerging medium that is being accepted more widely in digital omnichannel strategies. Arguably the biggest appetite for audio ads is when they're integrated with gaming; in-game ads, when used effectively, can feel like an organic and positive part of the player's gaming experience and help advertisers reach an already hyper-focused and engaged audience.

However, how do we ensure that advertisers are using in-game ads efficiently? We asked Brigid to share her thoughts, “We pay close attention to the KPIs and business needs of all of our advertiser partners so we can offer the most support. A big part of this comes from our Audiomob Creative Lab which is free for all our advertisers to use. We use our lab to develop ‘gamified’ audio creatives that align with the context of the games and target the games’ player base.”

Working through our Audiomob Creative lab, our Business Developers can provide support to our advertising partners regardless of the size of their business and the budgets they have available. This is all part of our continued contributions to building a better ad ecosystem for everyone.

What’s next?

To learn more about how our Business Developers can help you in the US and across the globe, drop Brigid Judge a line at and start your Audiomob journey.