At Audiomob, we’re on a mission to build a better advertising ecosystem for game developers, advertisers, and gamers alike. We developed our innovative audio ad format packages to allow developers and advertisers to leverage the power of audio advertising, fostering more immersive and disruption-free in-app experiences.

Why shouldn't I just use other platforms like Spotify?

Audio is one of many advertising mediums that you can integrate your omnichannel strategies. Audio advertising can perfectly complement existing revenue streams, such as video ads, without replacing them entirely.

In-app audio ads benefit from having one of the largest user bases on the planet, with over 3 billion mobile gamers worldwide. In the US alone, digital audio consumption is projected to reach a whopping $191 million. In contrast, digital audio consumption on Spotify is projected to reach only $97.5 million.

Unlike conventional radio ads, our audio ad solution can be accurately tracked and measured in real-time. With our ad solution, you'll always have a clear view of your campaign's performance, including metrics such as listen-through rates and click-through rates.

Our Rewarded audio format

Rewarded audio ads are a versatile advertising solution that allows game developers to offer in-app incentives that users can earn by listening to ads. Rewarded ads operate on an ‘opt-in’ basis, meaning they must be triggered by the users. As our most versatile package, rewarded ads are excellent for creating immersive and game-enhancing user experiences.

For example, we integrated our Rewarded audio ad format into the popular meta-life game, Avakin Life. Users can trigger ads by interacting with the in-game radio, creating a more organic and immersive experience. They are incentivized to listen to ads to receive their in-game rewards through our Rewarded ad format. This integration resulted in a 5% increase in conversion and spend, and a 10% uplift in revenue for the developers, Lockwood Publishing.

A recent study from Unity Ads further highlighted the growing popularity of the rewarded ad format; 62% of mobile gamers have recently viewed a rewarded ad, and 71% of gamers prefer this ad format over others.

Our Skippable audio format

Skippable ads are great for maintaining user engagement in fast-paced, focused games and apps. These ads allow users to stop the playback after an on-screen five-second countdown, giving the player more control as to when and how they interact with ads. Skippable ads can be used alone or in combination with our rewarded ad format.

One example of our Skippable ad format in action is our collaboration with the esteemed mobile app developers, Mad Hook. Within just two weeks, we successfully integrated Skippable ads into their action-packed, high-octane racing simulator, Highway Drifter. Skippable audio ads perfectly complement the fast-paced gameplay, allowing players to enjoy uninterrupted play.

Introducing Highway Drifter to Skippable audio ads led to a 14% uplift in revenue for  Lockwood Publishing!

How we add even more value

Our patented technology

As well as being non-intrusive and fully trackable, we’ve added extra value to our packages to ensure they meet the demands and complex needs of our clients. Both our Rewarded and Skippable ads are supported by our patented audibility technology. The two primary features of this patent, 'volume detection' and 'audio passback,' work in tandem to ensure that our ads are always audible and accurately recorded.

AI machine learning

We’ve invested in AI machine learning to help advertisers better target audiences with relevant content. Our machine learning algorithms use contextual and user-consented data, analyzing over one thousand data points per ad request in real-time, to ensure that only the most relevant users receive our audio ads.

To learn more about our ad formats and to see them in action, join our waitlist today to book a demo!