AudioMob helped Curry's reach their audience to help drive Xbox Series S purchases, during a noisy holiday period.

3650% relative average CTR uplift

14 X uplift in Xbox Series S purchase intent

The holidays are noisy and achieving cut through is hard. 

Almost 50% of committed gamers play on mobile several times per day. As do those likely to buy, or gift consoles. Currys and Xbox leaned on the favoured in-game format, audio, in order to grab attention, deliver excitement, and achieve an array of communications objectives. 

AudioMob produced a bespoke asset for Currys. It had to drive association with Currys key association of expert tech advice, drive consideration to purchase gaming hardware from them, and intent to purchase the Xbox Series S, from Currys.


We wrote a script that made use of the attention space. We wanted to deliver the key messages whilst taking up the right amount of air time - this meant not needing the full 30 seconds. 


Music, SFX and the Currys brand voice were wrapped up in an in-game audio ad that delivered key messages, whilst creating excitement. We finished with a CTA that drove users to learn more on the Currys website, by clicking the banner.  



3650% Relative average CTR uplift
11% uplift in message association
53% uplift in consideration to buy gaming tech from Currys
14x uplift in Xbox Series S purchase intent

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