Elevate the reach of musician Joel Corry using Audio banner ads

1000%+ increase in CTR

Targeted demographics and locations

For musicians, bands, record labels and publishers, audio ads provide a fairly obvious fit for reaching existing fans, and engaging new ones.

Simply put, they are powerfully impactful.

Add games into that mix, and the potential is phenomenal.

Audio ads that can be placed in games can be precisely targeted. If your rising artist needs reach, audio ads in games provide that capably. But if you’re keen to target a particular demographic in a particular location, we can do that too.


The longstanding music industry powerhouse was looking to promote the Corry single Head & Heart, featuring MNEK. And they had a very specific demographic in mind.



  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Miami
Age group
  • 18-to-20
  • 21-to-29
  • 30-to-39

Having made their targeting choices, Warner opted to use our ‘audio banner ads’ format, which sees audio ads complimented by a small interactive visual element displayed on screen without interfering with gameplay.


A click on that element pointed US mobile users to a landing page for the single, featuring streaming links.


3.16% Click-through rate
0.3% Bounce rate leaving the landing page without further interactions
1063.33% Increase in click-throughs vs. 0.01 - 0.3% traditional visual banner ads

Using AudioMob also gave Warner useful feedback on where potential audiences lie, seeing that casual mobile games like Wordscapes delivered the best results.

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