When one of the world’s most popular rappers was looking to reach even bigger audiences, he turned to AudioMob’s non-interrupting in-game ad format

1275% relative average CTR uplift

Advertised record reached
number one in Billboard’s
Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums
chart as the campaign closed

After getting his start in 1989 amidst the energy and creativity of the iconic New York rap scene, he went on to release 12 studio albums, seven of which went platinum in the US.

But in the modern era of such vast potential audiences, even a figure with the reach and regard of Nas still has an opportunity to engage new fans. With that in mind, he and his team at Mass Appeal Records - the label he co-founded - turned to AudioMob’s audio ad format to connect with the immense mobile gaming audience.

The audio ad campaign was shaped to promote Nas’ new album King's Disease II, with a view to building awareness in the gaming audience.

With Nas himself addressing players directly in the ad - accompanied by a generous sample of the record - he was able to build a connection that feels personal and direct to players, while pointing them to a small Audio-Enhanced Banner that let users head directly to the full LP.

The longstanding music industry powerhouse was looking to promote the Corry single Head & Heart, featuring MNEK. And they had a very specific demographic in mind.

The day before Nas’ AudioMob campaign concluded, the record leapt to the number one spot in Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. At the same time it became apparent the audio ads had seen CTR leap 1275% relative to the typical rate offered by traditional in-game options. Clearly, the campaign had an impact.



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  • US
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"The Audiomob team seamlessly guided us into the mobile gaming ad landscape,” offers a representative from the Nas team, on their AudioMob experience. “The platform has an expansive reach and is an exciting opportunity to connect with even more fans. This is a helpful tool to add to your marketing toolkit."


1.74% Average click-through rate
1275% Click-through rate upliftRelative to the average CTR of a traditional non-audio banner (0.08%)
Best performing inventory
6612.5% Click-through rate increase Relative to the average CTR of a traditional non-audio banner (0.08%)
198.28% Overdeliveryon impressions booked

Mass Appeal Records used AudioMob’s in-game audio ads for mobile games and apps to advertise a new Nas album. Performance data shows relative CTR improved over 1200%. The album, King's Disease II, reached the number one spot in Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

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